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NuVega Lash – The Definitive Eyelash Serum

Which woman does not dream beautiful, healthy, long and thick eyelashes? Unfortunately, the truth is frequently another.  Most women’s eyelashes are brittle, thin, thin and usually very short. Therefore many women who want sexy eyelashes suffer from this. NuVega Lash now puts an end to this problem.

With NuVega Lash the eyelashes in an instant become thicker, longer, stronger, healthier and more beautiful. In short, nothing hinders the seductive gaze.

Countless volunteers have already tested the unique breathtaking action of NuVega Lash and the results are excellent for all (at the bottom of this website you will find the comments and you can leave one too!). About 95% of users found a complete improvement in eyelashes after only 30 days. About 96% of users found the use of NuVega Lash very simple and over 88% after 8 weeks noticed that the eyelashes were thicker, longer and stronger.

Independent laboratory tests have also shown that NuVega Lash with its active ingredients intensely stimulates eyelash growth and prevents it from falling.

What is NuVega Lash Acting on?

NuVega Lash Ingredients

Independent tests, many volunteers and the producer’s statements all come to the same result: Stretches the eyelashes in a visible way. Ensures greater density and resistance of eyelashes and prolongs their life.

Thus, this serum has emerged as a clear winner among the tested products and fully meets expectations.

The initial successes are already clearly visible after 14-21 days. This is demonstrated by the numerous photographs before and after. The improvement of natural lashes was evident already after a short time. After only 2 months, positive changes in eyelashes can be noticed even at a distance. This is due to the exact combination of the concentration and the number of nutrients, essential for optimal growth of eyelashes and hair follicles. Thanks to the ingredients, with shiny, healthy and beautiful eyelashes, the full potential of hair follicles is obtained. The color of the eyelashes also changes by applying the serum. They become darker and therefore look even thicker.

NuVega Lash – A Name to Remember

For all testers and therefore also for you, the effectiveness and simplicity of application of the whey are important. The standard 3-milliliter dosage is sufficient for daily use of 4 months and over. The purchase allows us to be convinced, from the first results up to the end of the applications, of the positive mode of action. The applicator, which contains the serum vial, allows precise and simple dosing. Therefore, only the required amount of serum is applied to the eyelid.

The application is very simple with this applicator: every day, like an eyeliner, the serum is applied with the dropper on the upper eyelid. The application is recommended in the evening after a thorough cleaning of the face and eyes. When blinking, the serum is uniformly distributed on the hair follicles and can act during the night.

It’s So Easy to be Beautiful!

Finally, the best eyelash serum is useless if allergic reactions occur on the eyelids or, in general, in the ocular area. It is produced with natural ingredients. This ensures that any allergic reactions are kept to a minimum. In fact, no allergic reactions were observed in volunteers. Many specialists have dedicated themselves to the production. They performed laboratory tests for months and then delivered eyelash serum to a considerable number of volunteers to test it. It is characterized by maximum effectiveness, an equally high level of reliability and the best possible quality.

According to dermatologists, Meets all safety requirements and irritations and allergies are almost excluded. Therefore it can be used by all women, even those with, particularly sensitive eyes. This should be another important criterion for customers who decide to buy.

All this meant that NuVega emerged as a leader in the eyelash serum category. So NuVega Lash is the ideal preparation that many other sera cannot get.

Components and Methods of Action

The proliferation of keratinocytes of the eyelash bulb is stimulated by the complete complex of active ingredients. This involves strengthening and anchoring the individual eyelashes. It contains vitamin matrix Biotinyl-GHK (Biotinyl-Gly-His-Lys) of the complex of active ingredients TM, together with pro-vitamin B-5. Natural mud ensures the structuring of cells, regenerates and stimulates them. From this derives also the grayish color. The active complex stimulates the synthesis and the organization of the adhesion molecules (collagen IV and laminin 5). Hyaluronic acid, which is low and high molecular weight, provides sufficient hydration to the eyelashes. It is absorbed quickly and acts from the inside out.

Application and Timing of Use

Apply eyelash serum once a day, preferably in the evening after a thorough cleansing of the face. Thus these dynamic ingredients can act overnight.  To do this, apply a strip of product on the upper eyelid to the root of the eyelashes with the applicator. Wringing the eyelids, the serum is then distributed uniformly. Once the desired result is achieved, apply once or twice a week to maintain the effect obtained.

Results of the Investigations

NuVega Lash

The tests and surveys carried out on women between the ages of 18 and 75 gave the following results:

95% observed significant results after 30 days

88% of women have noticed not only longer eyelashes but also lashes much more voluminous and strong

96% found the application easy and simple

NuVega Lash Advantages:

Strength: serum for eyelashes with strong and intense action

Speed: the results – according to the manufacturer after only 30 days – have been reported by all the testers already after 14 days

Growth: there is an almost concretely visible growth of eyelashes – the results are surprising

Density: NuVega Lash serum testers have reported a higher density and therefore more new eyelashes

Price: it is difficult to find sera for the most convenient eyelashes – and certainly not with the effectiveness

NuVega Lash Disadvantages:

Availability: It can be purchased only on the manufacturer’s website. Regardless of whether it’s more muddled, it’s justified, despite all the trouble!

NuVega Lash Customers Review:

Aurora: The effect is fantastic. My eyelashes have grown rapidly and are now about twice as long as before. Besides, there are no more rare parts, with which I have always had to fight. So overall an excellent and satisfying product.

Melanie: We have been talking about the theme of “lengthening the eyelashes” with the sera for a long time, but so far I have always been interested in little. A few weeks ago he drew my attention to Facebook and I read a couple of interesting articles that took away the last doubts. So I decided to order “NuVega Lash” and use it for about 4 weeks.

Gemma: I wanted to write exactly the opposite! Finally, a product that works REALLY! Not a “miracle product” that does not keep its promises, but an eyelash serum that works even better than advertised on the website. Here’s what makes a woman happy.

Julia: I neutralized your opinion with “7” in order not to alter the overall rating. Criticism in the comments is welcome, but it is not acceptable to provide an extremely negative review of a product without its own experiences. I count on your understanding.


NuVega Lash is characterized in particular by its triple action. The eyelashes lengthen, become thick and the life of the eyelashes extends significantly. Added to this are the affordable price and safety, confirmed by dermatologists and countless tests.

So it gives women with fragile, weak, short and sparse eyelashes, long, thick, strong, healthy, shiny and sexy eyelashes.

The first successes are already clearly visible after 14-21 days. In addition, NuVega Lash darkens the lashes, thus eliminating the need for makeup (which can still be applied without problems). It can also be used by women with sensitive eyes. NuVega Lash is also positive for the budget, as 3 milliliters for more than 4 months of daily use are available at a price of around 40 dollars.

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