Ketoboost Forskolin – 100% Natural Fat Burner, Side Effects & Reviews

KetoBoost Forskolin is one of the best weight loss supplements based on Forskolin, which will allow you to reach your ideal weight and burn fat in no time. Unlike all other Forskolin supplements, it contains the exact dosage recommended by the Doctor. OZ is enough to take only one pill a day.

Forskolin also promotes the production of testosterone, a very important hormone for organic balance. This molecule, in fact, helps to dispose of the fat mass and, helping the body to synthesize proteins more effectively, allows developing tonic and lean muscle tissue more easily.

How does it work?

The main ingredient in KetoBoost Forskolin is forskolin, a substance that was already used in traditional medicine for its properties and has recently been rediscovered by the slimming supplements industry. This natural extract stimulates the production of an enzyme called lipase, which helps to eliminate fat accumulated by the body, and cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate), a molecule that promotes the production of hormones that accelerate the metabolism.

KetoBoost Forskolin works in different ways, promoting weight loss. Here’s what this supplement does in the body.

Accelerate fat consumption. CAMP stimulates the thyroid to produce different substances that keep the metabolism high throughout the day. This means that the body becomes a fat burning machine that, after having consumed all the calories taken with the normal diet, attacks the fat cells, where the accumulated lipid reserves are present (in particular on the hips, thighs, buttocks, and belly), emptying them of their contents. In this way, it is possible to lose weight quickly and easily, without having to undergo strict food rules or practice heavy physical activities.

KetoBoost Forskolin

What does it do?

It allows you to lose weight fast

Helps the body burn off all excess fat

Accelerate your metabolism

Improves blood circulation

Helps to eliminate the imperfections of cellulite

It destroys the adipose material. The cAMP is a very important substance for the body because it activates a protein, called kinase. The kinase acts by destroying triglycerides, a particular category of fat molecules. This property, in addition to having a very important effect on weight, offers real benefits for the state of health of the body, especially the cardiovascular system.

In summary, forskolin helps the body eliminate excess fat, maintains high metabolism (contributing to and preventing the accumulation of new adipose material on the body) and helps to create more toned muscles. All these actions, allow in a short time to get a lean and perfect body.


KetoBoost Forskolin contains only one active ingredient. Let’s find out what it is.

Forskolin (250 mg per capsule). Forskolin is the extract of the roots of a plant of Asian origin called Coleus forskohlii (scientific name Plectranthus barbatus), a perennial shrub that grows mainly in India. Each capsule contains 250 mg of active substance (corresponding to a daily dosage of 500 mg), one of the highest concentrations among the products on the market. The slimming properties of this ingredient have been demonstrated by several clinical studies. Unfortunately, some companies have exploited the notoriety of forskolin to market poor quality supplements. KetoBoost Forskolin, on the other hand, contains only first quality ingredients and 100% of natural origin.

How to use it

Forskolin Active is used like any other supplement. Just swallow one capsule twice a day with a full glass of water. It is advised to take this product during meals, in order to minimize the risk of side effects (which is very low).

How do we assume?

KetoBoost Forskolin is an extraordinary product because, in addition to being 100% natural, it is really easy and discreet to use. It is the only forskolin supplement that will help you lose weight by taking only 1 capsule a day, before or during breakfast.

KetoBoost Forskolin: Our Opinion

KetoBoost Forskolin is the best Forskolin supplement, which contains an extract of the highest quality obtained directly from the roots. This product has been designed to promote fast and safe weight loss, thanks to the exact concentration of active ingredient necessary to obtain the best results. Its only ingredient is the pure extract of forskolin, which will offer your body all it takes to lose weight fast.

KetoBoost Forskolin is the best product on the market because thanks to the excellent quality of its ingredients and the exact concentration, it will help you to reach your weight without effort, helping you to burn all the excess fat in a short time. Thanks to its action, you can effectively fight water retention and blemishes caused by the much-feared cellulite.

What does the package contain?

Unlike all other Forskolin supplements, pure forskolin requires only one capsule a day. Each pack contains 30 capsules and each capsule contains a concentration of 125 mg of the best pure Forskolin extract. The other ingredients are, inactive but natural and concern only the capsule shell. To get the most out of benefits from KetoBoost Forskolin it is advisable to follow a treatment without interruptions lasting at least 3 months.


KetoBoost Forskolin acts decisively on the metabolism, accelerating it and favoring the consumption of the calories consumed during the day and the fat already stored in the body. Its properties are manifested without the need to go on a diet or enroll in the gym, because the weight loss happens anyway, gradually.

Obviously, it is possible to enhance the effects of this supplement, especially in cases where the weight to dispose of is a lot. To do this, just make a few small changes to your living habits. For example, you can follow a diet that is low in fat and sugar and practice some physical activity (just a long walk 3-4 times a week).

KetoBoost Forskolin

Warnings and side effects

KetoBoost Forskolin is a 100% natural product, formulated with a pure extract of forskolin obtained from the best roots of the plant; therefore it has no known side effects. As with all natural supplements, pure forskolin does not require any type of prescription, but the company advises you to consult your doctor in case you are suffering from other serious illnesses or if you are taking other medicines.

Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding should avoid taking the product.

To obtain the desired results, it is advisable to associate the product intake with a balanced diet and with a light but steady physical activity. In addition, it is advisable to hydrate the body by drinking the right dose of water daily (about 2 l per day).

Side Effects

In general, KetoBoost Forskolin does not cause any type of side effect. In fact, forskolin is a safe substance for health and risk-free. However, some individuals sensitive to the active ingredient may experience some stomach discomfort (increase in acidity) during the first days of treatment. Of course, the daily dosage shown on the package must be respected to avoid intoxication.


KetoBoost Forskolin is a completely natural product, but some people should be careful, before starting treatment. Pregnant or lactating women, young people under 18 years of age and all those who suffer from known diseases (especially if they follow drug therapy) should consult their doctor before starting to take ‘supplement.

Customer Opinions

Consumers were very satisfied with trying this product. Here are some testimonies.

“I was on a two-month diet and the results never came. That’s why I decided to try using KetoBoost Forskolin. After six weeks, I looked in amazement at the scale, which was 7 kg less! I’m so happy. “Anna

“My stomach has always been a problem of mine. I go to the gym three times a week, but I just could not make it disappear. KetoBoost Forskolin succeeded where I, alone, had failed. I used it for almost two months and finally, I removed the fat from the abdomen. “Matteo

“I have a job that does not allow me to go to the gym for reasons of time. And usually, when I try a diet, I cannot resist even a week. That’s why I relied on supplements. I chose KetoBoost Forskolin because I read something on the internet about this product. The result? Four pounds less in a month. And for me, that I have not really changed my habits at all, it’s an extraordinary success. “Stefania

Our Review

Since Dr. Oz talked about it in its transmission, forskolin has become the most sought-after active ingredient in slimming supplements. Among the products on the market, one of the highest quality is without a doubt KetoBoost Forskolin. Let’s find out the features and try to understand how it works.

KetoBoost Forskolin is a capsule supplement, created and manufactured in the United States by a company specialized in weight loss, wellness and beauty products. This product contains only ingredients of the first choice and of natural origin, unlike others that, instead, use synthetic substances and made in the laboratory.

KetoBoost Forskolin is a support for those who want to lose weight easily and, above all, fast. Often, those who try to lose weight, fail because to follow a strict diet or attend a gym, need tenacity and willpower. In this sense, this product can make everything easier and reduce sacrifices to a minimum.

KetoBoost Forskolin

Feedback in the Media

Forskolin began to revive when Dr. Oz, physician, and host of one of the most followed health programs in the United States (and worldwide), dedicated an episode of his transmission to this substance, describing it as an excellent tool to get back in shape in a short time, and without great sacrifices.

After the media success, there were several celebrities who said they used this ingredient to get back into shape. To give some examples, some stars like Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, and Kelly Osbourne have told of taking supplements containing forskolin (combined with regular sessions in the gym) to get a lean and tonic body again.

Shipping and Payment


KetoBoost Forskolin 125 mg can only be purchased by the Evolution Slimming manufacturer. The company is English, so the buying process is easy even for those who do not know English. The cost of shipping is only $ 4.95 and delivery times may vary from 5 to 7 working days depending on the area of United States of America where you want to receive the package. For purchases of 3 packs, the Company ships without any additional knowledge, with the shipping tracked and fast.


Payment can be made safely with a credit card. The site is absolutely secure and uses encrypted security systems to protect transactions. Cards belonging to the major circuits are accepted and a prepaid card like PostePay can also be used. The alternative to the credit card is the use of the PayPal system.

Prices and Offers

For best results, the product must be taken for at least 3 months. To benefit its customers, the company offers very advantageous offers for the purchase of more packages, allowing you to save up to 50%.

3 Packs 3 months 90 Capsules     $ 150      -42%      $ 88

2 Packs 2 months 60 Capsules     $ 100      -31%      $ 69

1 Pack 1 month 30 Capsules         $ 50        -25%      $ 38

Reasons to buy it

  • Contains Coleus Forskohlii extract (forskolin), a 100% natural ingredient
  • Helps to keep the metabolism high, promoting the consumption of fats
  • It helps to prevent the accumulation of fats in the body
  • Promotes muscle development (ie the increase of lean mass)
  • It also acts in the absence of controlled food regimens or exercise
  • Contains no synthetic ingredients or industrial additives
  • It does not cause any health risk
  • It is for sale at a promotional price
  • “Money-back” guarantee

Where do you buy?

KetoBoost Forskolin is not available in any specialized store. To buy it, in fact, you have to visit the official internet page of the product and fill in the order form with all your data, selecting bottle Packs of the desired supplement.

One bottle contains 60 capsules (sufficient for 30 days of treatment) and is on sale at a rather advantageous price. However, you can achieve greater savings (which can exceed 50%) by choosing to buy more than one bottle in a single order.

KetoBoost Forskolin

The shipment is included in the price of the supplement. An express courier will bring the goods to the consumer’s home within 1-3 business days from the time of order, in an anonymously packed package. As for the payment, the money is paid in cash at the time of delivery, by cash on delivery.

As with all quality products, even in this case you can take advantage of a “money back guarantee”. If the consumer does not feel comfortable with this supplement, he has a week of time (from the moment he received the goods) to return it, getting his money back.

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